Up on the wall

The mural that BS Huntbach painted for the Emmaus community in Portslade has been re-hung. The charity has been re-designing their large shop area, and the mural came down while they painted and re-worked their display space. The revised shop does look good and the creative used of old wooden pallets as a display space is to be applauded - hung on the walls, from the ceilings, as well as free-standing.

The mural has been re-sited in what used to be the loading bay. It sits very well on a brick wall, with displays of furniture room settings beneath. It provides a splendid dash of colour and introduction to what Emmaus is all about.

You can see the mural at Emmaus, Drove Rd, Portslade, Brighton BN41 2PA, 

 Tel (UK) 01273 426480 or visit www.emmausbrighton.co.uk